Iceland 2017 Information

It’s not long until we visit the land of fire and ice. Here are a few trip documents you may want to look over:

Iceland Information evening Powerpoint 2017

Parent Information booklet

Just a few important points:
  • The girls will come to the ground floor of Mary Bennett house at 8am (please don’t be late!) on 10th February. They will be wearing their Iceland gear (walking boots, coat etc) and will check in with their group leader.
  • The girls will not be allowed any wifi enabled devices. This includes mobile phones, iPod touch etc. If your daughter has a wifi enabled GoPro or DSLR camera we will allow it, as the wifi capabilities are limited. We will be checking the girls’ bags on Friday 10th when they come into school. Many girls will be bringing disposable cameras or more basic cameras. Staff will also be available to take photos and we will share these with the girls after the trip.
  • You can communicate with your daughter whilst on the trip and find out what she is up to via the school learning space at
  • You will be able to pick up your daughter at 8:30pm from the SAR on Thursday 16th February.

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  1. As some of you know, I am somewhat limited in the field of technology so I hope this ‘blog-post’ arrives without incident. It was truly wonderful to see you all this evening and it sounds you have had a fantastic adventure. Have a top time at the Blue Lagoon and a safe journey back home. See you next week. Every good wish – MG ?

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