Review of Iceland 2017: A Few of Our Favourite Things…??❄️?

Keely Price – climbing on the largest glacier in Europe #letitgo

Millie Adams – exploring Reykjavik with my friends, we found a lovely café called café babulú and shared giant cookies and slices of cake with coffee.

Paris Nicholls- Swimming in the blue and secret lagoons and being crowned ‘Miss Clumsy’ of the week 😉

Rachel Green- going horse riding and sharing lovely cabins and rooms with some new friends!

Izzy Townsend- the lagoons and strolling through the black beaches.

Pippa Kline- the glacial hike and swimming in the lagoons!

Ruby – the last dinner and the lagoons.

OM- The swimming pool and hot tubs!

Katy T – the FREE face masks in the blue lagoon.

Kung – The lagoons, waterfalls, black beaches and Rís Buffs!

Emma K- the glacial lagoon and the beaches also seeing THE NORTHERN LIGHTS.
Aiyla – The incredible glacier walk and the hilarious inside jokes with friends (especially becoming an official Tolkien fangirl).

Eva – loved both of the lagoons we went to, as well as all the amazing waterfalls.

Chloe— definitely the blue lagoon!!!

Martha – Eating ice straight from the glacier.

Elsa – swimming in the blue lagoon and the secret lagoon!

Annie – the lagoons and the face masks.

Rebecca- the bread and lagoons.

Liv- going to Reykjavik and seeing all the art!

Maria- bread 🙂 and lagoons.

Dani- Hiking on the glacier.

Robyn- standing in front or behind the waterfalls.

Georgie ZF- the blue lagoon and the waterfalls.

Louisa-the lagoons and the bread.

Emma- the free teas.

Grace- the glacial hike along with the lagoons and going to meet the Icelandic school students.

Alannah – meeting the lovely schoolchildren and having a rave and playing dodgeball in the sports hall!!!!! Glacial hike was amazing too.

Katy M – I loved the glacier walk it was so much fun even though I fell a bit!

Ollie- I loved the secret lagoon and being able to go in one of the crevasses at the glacier!

Sahara- the glacial walk was tremendous as we were able to walk in the crevasse. Plus, both the lagoons were a fun treat after the long coach journeys.

Emily – visiting the glacial lagoon was beautiful but I particularly loved the blocks of ice that had washed up on the black sand – they looked like gems. Also being crowned ‘miss organised’ was a shock!!

Imo- soup. ?

Mia-I enjoyed walking on the glacier because I felt like I was in a different planet and the guides were friendly.

Georgie C and Phoebe Wilkins: One of our favourite places we went to in Iceland was to the glaciers where we did a trek and saw a glacial lagoon;, it was a once in a life time experience which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Pippa Jones – I loved everything about Iceland but Vik beach stood out to me. The black sand was so unusual and the waves were huge, but slightly terrifying.

Aisha Warner – Iceland has been a unique experience that will forever be imbedded in my memory, everything about it was phenomenal and nothing like what I have experienced before. I have to say, personally, the northern lights was the most spectacular experience of the trip. Looking up at something with so much magnitude and beauty (as cringe as it might sound) really makes you reflect. It also definitely raised an infinite amount of questions as to how something so stunning can occur so naturally without anything restricting when it can appear, what pattern it created and who sees it. This trip was amazing!

Charlotte Sanders- I really enjoyed the glacier walk as it is an opportunity that is so unforgettable. Just to see the size of the glacier while standing on it was amazing. Overall the trip was incredible!

Phoebe Wildman- I absolutely loved my trip to Iceland as everywhere we went was so amazing, however if I was to pick my favourite memories it would be seeing the northern lights and swimming in the lagoons.

Jasmine Ram – My time in Iceland has been amazing, I have loved seeing such unique landscapes. My favourite was the glacial walk and swimming in lagoons as they were so exciting and different from anything I have ever done before!

Eliza Smale- I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Iceland and it is definitely the best trip I have ever been on! My favourite moments were the glacial walk and the blue lagoon because they were such a unique experience and so different to what I have ever done before!

Freya Spurling – I have had an amazing time in Iceland and it will be an experience I will never forget. If I had to pick a favourite it would be going on the glacial walk as it was a unique experience and also swimming in the blue lagoon as it was fascinating and exciting to see what it was like.

Sophie Chew- this trip to Iceland has been amazing! I’ve enjoyed every part of it, but my favourite part was visiting the glacial lagoon, it was spectacular. I also loved hearing about the trolls that were turned to stone when the sun came up.

Lucy Elvidge- I have really loved my time in Iceland and my favourite part was going on the glacial hike, the view was amazing. I also enjoyed visiting the swimming pools and visiting the blue lagoon which is definitely an experience I will never forget.

Tamsin Ashby – This trip has been one of most memorable because it has meant all of us have been ale to experience life in another country, very different to our lives in England which has been very interesting. My most memorable moment was climbing the glacier which the wonderful guides and learning about how it’s changed and also seeing its beauty with our own eyes! I have as well loved spending time with everyone and making lots of new friends.

Megan Arthur- our trip to Iceland has been an incredible experience that we will never forget. We are so lucky to have been able to come out here and I have genuinely loved every second of it. My most memorable moments were probably climbing the glaciers and visiting the blue lagoon and swimming pools but I have especially enjoyed being able to become closer to people that I wasn’t as close with before.

Sabriyah Afzal- this trip to Iceland has been one of the most stunning and amazing trips I have ever been on. I have really enjoyed every single moment and I am so lucky to be able to experience the wonders of Iceland and amazing places we visited. The most memorable parts of my trip have to be the glacier hike and the blue lagoon, but every single place we visited I will definitely never forget.

Maria Ciprini – Our trip to Iceland has been an incredible experience that I will miss so much. I loved visiting the lagoons and I will never forget that I climbed a glacier. Next time I’m planning on seeing the Northern Lights 🙂

Liv Bellamy – I’ve had so much fun in Iceland with my friends and have had a truly unforgettable week. I’ve loved doing new things such as climbing glaciers and visiting amazing lagoons as well as just having fun with my peers. I hope to come back to Iceland and see the northern lights more clearly!

Annie Gasiorowski – I have enjoyed Iceland so much. I have loved spending time with my friends and have had incredible and unforgettable experiences. My favourite things we did were the glacial walk and the blue lagoon and I hope to revisit Iceland at some point to explore more.

Rebecca Dunn- Our trip to Iceland has been unforgettable in the way I have experienced so many new things so different to home. In particular the blue lagoon on the last day and the glacial hike. I’m so lucky to have experienced, not only these opportunities but so many more, and one day I hope to return to Iceland with my family.

Martha Geraghty – Our Iceland adventure has been an incredible experience which I will remember forever. Climbing glaciers, exploring waterfalls and relaxing in lagoons and hot tubs – all things I have been lucky enough to enjoy with my friends. I can’t wait to hopefully return to Iceland and continue exploring.

Elsa James – I have enjoyed every moment of my Iceland experience and it is one that I will never forget. My most enjoyable moments have been: swimming in both the blue lagoon and the secret lagoon; exploring the glacier and spending this week with my friends has made it even better!

Mrs Rusholme: I have loved everything, but going underneath the waterfall was something that I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. It was so refreshing and I didn’t care that I was getting soaked through – I couldn’t stop smiling… I also loved all of the animals – even having my hand inside a calf’s mouth and having the horse at the dairy farm decide that I was its friend (if you noticed a large lump in my suitcase, that’s because I brought him home with me; don’t tell anyone!). I am also so happy to have spent time with such a frabaerar (fabulous in Icelandic) group of students. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you all.

Miss Gilchrist: Wow – what unbelievably varied scenery there is in Iceland! Seeing the lava fields, lagoons and volcanoes were incredible, but my favourite part was definitely the glacier walk. It was so astonishing to be walking in the ice, and my inner film nerd was having a great time knowing that it had been used as the set for Interstellar and Rogue One! But all in all, it was a super trip thanks to you wonderful girls – your cheerfulness, happiness to give things a go and to relinquish your mobile tech! Great stuff, Year 10!

Mr McGrath: What an amazing trip! The group was really fantastic and funny! There are so many highlights to choose from: glacial hike, secret lagoon, amazing waterfalls, horse riding and teaching you lot the Viking clap (Huh!). One of my most standout moments has to be catching glimpse of the Northern Lights. It was a fantastic trip and I am planning on visiting again.

Mr Humphreys – What and experience! From teaching you all the Viking chant to waking you all up at very early hours of the morning(!) it has been a real pleasure to be in your company and see such amazing, unique sights. Thanks for such a wonderful and memorable trip 🙂

Miss Waterhouse – picking just one favourite thing is a real challenge, the whole trip has been an incredible experience! For me it has to be walking across the glacier. Although, the secret lagoon comes a close second. I will, just a little bit, though, miss the bed time wake up and put to bed routines. You guys have been awesome and it’s so lovely to see you out of your comfort zone. Bring on DoE 2017.

Miss Nisbet: Spending 6 nights with 5 inspirational teachers and 49 excitable girls was an absolute pleasure. I particularly enjoyed watching the shock, awe and wonder on everyone’s faces at the beautiful and dramatic scenery, particularly the giggles and selfies on the glacier hike and the beach full of giant icebergs. Some of us even got to have a glacial facial! I have loved driving on the open empty roads, past glaciers, overlooking volcanoes, through the lava fields and huge green mountains covered in waterfalls. I hope to come back again and again, I fear my Icelandic adventure has only just begun- and I expect local soup and home baked bread to be on the menu!

Day 6, our last day?

Last night was eventful. Woken by the sound of excited chatter at 1am, we headed to look for the Northern Lights. Our luck was in! Some saw more than others but most were able to catch a glimpse of this amazing spectacle.

After a night of disturbed sleep we woke up tired, but looking forward to a visit to the Blue Lagoon. Faces smothered in the miracle healing mud mask, we enjoyed almost 2 hours of bathing in the opaque turquoise geothermal pools. It was an amazing way to spend our last morning here in Iceland.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the Viking museum where we had lunch. Surprisingly, soup was not on the menu, which left some of us with soup withdrawal symptoms. A full size replica of a Viking ship made a beautiful canopy for us to eat underneath. Yet another opportunity to dress up as vikings made for a great afternoon.

Our time in Iceland has been amazing and we have seen incredible things; thank you Iceland!

By Sophie C and Lucy E

Day 7: The Last!

Sadly today we had to leave Iceland…

But not before a trip to the breathtaking blue lagoon. Inside the water was soothingly warm and along with the silica face masks our skin was as soft as Icelandic wool, even if a bit blotchy (and our hair like straw). It’s truly one of the wonders of the world as the water has special healing abilities unique to the lagoon, and people come from all over the world just to pay it a visit, so we felt very pampered. Many of us agreed it was definitely a highlight of the trip.
And for lunch you’ll never guess…
NOT SOUP!!!!!!!

Though not much better, we had porridge. In fact, you’ll never believe it, but most of us were kind of missing the soup!
Luckily it wasn’t too bad though, and there were many tasty sides to go with it, so we had plenty of energy for the long journey ahead.
The centre we had lunch in was also quite interesting, with a strong Viking theme, there was much information around about the interesting history of the Vikings, and we had a great time taking in these last pieces of history before we left.

But sadly we had to say goodbye to the beautiful country we had become so fond of. Luckily the wonderful memories we made on the trip will last us a lifetime. Thank you teachers, parents and everyone else who made this trip possible- it was an incredible experience we will never forget.

Day 5: Fun in Reykjavik with OM, Liv and Maria

Day 5: Fun in Reykjavik with OM, Liv and Maria???

We woke up bright and early to leave our scenic hotel and travelled to visit the students of Year 10 in a local school.

Firstly, they gave us a quick tour of their main building, and surprisingly we were not supposed to wear shoes and the students were in mufti all year round. We split into 4 groups and were given a tour of the outside grounds such as the pool and greenhouses. Interestingly, the school are the only place in Iceland that can grow bananas. While being given a tour of the waterfall, two of our student tour guides suddenly jumped into the freezing waterfall while claiming that they were “Icelandic vikings that can’t feel the cold!”.

Next we left the school and crossed the road to have a delicious vegetable soup with all sorts of sides and bread (this one was nice!!!!!).

We then headed to Reykjavik and stopped at a beautiful church which had beautiful views of the city from the top of the spire whilst others sat and listened to the beautiful organ music.

After seeing the beautiful city we were able to explore it, some girls opting towards the multicultural food on offer, and others strolling and appreciating the vibrant and thought provoking street art as well as multiple galleries and vintage/charity shops. The movies made by our tour guides husband were amazing and allowed us to understand the history of the amazing country were in as well as catching a sneak peak at the northern lights that we have been hoping to see (maybe tonight’s the night!!!).

Finally we went next door to the restaurant in which we ate the most delicious chicken dinner yet as well as FIZZY DRINKS and it was announced that we would be receiving carefully selected prizes such as; Alannah and Grace for most unorganised, Emily Moore and Sophie Chew for most organised, Liv and Maria for best waitresses, Imo for the clown of the trip (ed: the wording we used was comedienne) and many more (I’m sure you’ll hear all about it when we all get home tomorrow).

We just thought that we’d take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for putting up with us all week, Brindys and Joel (our tourgide and bus driver) and also Miss Nisbet for planning this truly unforgettable and unique trip and also a massive thank you to all our parents for allowing us to go on this trip and having an amazing week doing (possibly) once in a lifetime activities.


(ed. you are very welcome, girls; it’s been a pleasure.)

Day 6: more soup and potential Northern Lights…

We woke up to a lovely full English breakfast, which was throughly enjoyed by all especially Kung who went up four times for more.

Firstly we went to an Icelandic school, which was really interesting and made us gain an understanding of a different culture. We were especially surprised by many things including; the way the students swear at the teachers, call the teachers by their first name and even get wifi in all buildings (they aren’t restricted from the use of mobile phones.) Therefore we were able to exchange Snapchat and Instagram although unable to accept the request as phone is back in London. Next was lunch bet you can guess what it was… soup, but this time it was edible in fact it was all gone, most of it in our stomachs. We enjoyed the side of humus!

We then went to a main church in Reykjavik which was really beautiful and had an amazing view. Then we went shopping with the 1000K the teachers had kindly given us. We bought food which was very yummy. Unfortunately Phoebe Wilkins took 3 hours to gain the courage to ask directions to a toilet from some other tourists, which gave her awful directions but finally she located it.

Finally we went to a cinema owned by our lovely tour guide’s husband, and learnt about how Iceland was created. We were all quite scared about dinner as previous girls had told us about fermented shark but luckily chips came out followed by some extremely edible chicken.

It was a very fun night with rewards being handed out to many girls for being unorganised, or the clumsiest, or best leaders or helpers.

We have also been told there is a high chance of seeing the northern lights and all our fingers and toes are crossed!!  We will keep you updated.


By Eliza, Freya, Charlotte, Jasmine, Rebecca.

Happy Valentine’s Day! By Sahara

First thing first, Happy Valentines Day! After an early start, we firstly visited a waterfall called Skogafoss. This was a beautiful sight which was amazing to look at from both the bottom and top of it after a long walk up.

Next, we watched a video explaining the life of a family in 2010 who’s farm was based at the bottom of the volcano which erupted and the ash cloud covered and destroyed entire farm, especially their hot water main which they had built themselves generations before. This was a very touching story was it was interesting to see the effects on everyday people in Iceland and their determination when faced with this natural disaster. Afterwards, we visited another waterfall where we could walk underneath it… however getting a free shower on the way, as the water sprayed everywhere on us; maybe not as enjoyable as the other waterfalls although very interesting.

Following on, it was finally time for lunch, where we went to a Viking museum and had more soup once again. Some of us dressed up in the Viking wear, even some of the teachers.

We are now on our way to our new destination, where we will ride the Icelandic horses, plus staying at the stables for one night.
The horse riding at our hotel was amazing and an activity that many of us enjoyed! For some of us it was the first time we’d gone horse riding and was made more relaxing by the Icelandic horses being notoriously calm and gentle and also all the girls spurring everyone on to relax and have fun!

Many of us later enjoyed the hotels jacuzzis which looked over the farms fields in the evening, which we talked to other members of the trip and made some new friends!

Day 5 – Waterfalls, Volcanoes and Vikings

Day 5 –


The teachers came round at 6AM to wake us up #omg #tooearly.

When we finally got up it was a pitch black walk to breakfast with ferocious wind which woke us up quickly. Luckily we got to sleep for 2 hours on the coach journey to the first waterfall. It was raining which was delightful and we loved the long climb to the top #400steps.

Then we got back in the coach to go to see a #DRAMATIC documentary on Eyja Fjalla Jökull eruption. It was very interesting and inspiring. #awkwardmoment when we realise the woman handing out the tickets at the start was the star of the documentary #mindblowing.

Joel (our legendary bus driver) then took us to another waterfall and then lunch for the 5th soup of the trip which was very yummy at this amazing Viking inspired museum restaurant with skins to sit on and little ceramic bowls.

We finally got to our new accommodation for the night at about 4 and went straight to our rooms (which are SO LOVELY!!!!!). We then went in groups of about 15 for horseriding which was terrifying but amazing.

After that we went straight to dinner – the best one yet not going to lie it was delicious (pizza, chicken and chips) then we had an amazing dessert which was chocolate cake and ice cream! At the end of the night a few of us went down to the hot tubs and had a cheeky gossip and catch up of the trip.

So far it’s been incredible despite the rainy weather but we haven’t let it get our spirits down and we’re looking forward to the next 3 days.

Day 4, afternoon – The Glacial Lagoon

After an adventurous morning, we settled down to have the fourth soup of the trip! Our standards were high after the tasty tomato soup, that we had the day before, but asparagus soup wasn’t as popular however, with a “side dish” of unlimited fresh Icelandic bread we were all satisfied with lunch.

After lunch, we visited the glacier lagoon and took some cool pics with a couple of games of search for the seal and skimming stones (before getting told off for ruining “the serenity” of the scene). Nevertheless, our day kept improving as we walked along the river side to the black sand beach where ice bergs had washed up from the lagoon. On the beach, we had lots of fun taking photos and climbing on the ice. The day was rounded off with a spa visit to the hot tub and sauna.

– Ruby and Kung

Day 4 Morning: Gear up for the glaciers

After waking up in our comfy beds, we started our day with a filling breakfast before we got on the bus to go to the glacier. After a quick drive we were kitted up with crampons (grips to go on the bottom of your shoes), ice picks and a harness. Then we met our guides who took us on a long walk along the glacier. As we walked along the slippery blue ice, we witnessed many crevices and ravines, a couple of which had small streams of water flowing down them. As we made it to our final stop on the glacier we hacked at the ice to try and pick out some clean ice which we could drink from; it was very refreshing. For lunch made our way back to the hotel to enjoy a bowl of hot soup, which we needed after a long and cold walk on the glacier.

By Anastassia and Chloe

Day 4 – morning, by Pippa K and Izzy

Pippa K (Pippa J wrote the last one?) and Izzy

After arriving yesterday at our second hotel, we woke up to the picturesque scene of mountains and waterfalls. We headed up from our cabin to breakfast and enjoyed a few mugs of hot chocolate (Swiss miss!), then quickly got ready for a day of glaciers ahead.

When we arrived at the glacier guide camp, we had to be fitted with harnesses and crampons (scary, spiky things for boots), and then took a short and bumpy ride up to the glacier. It was an amazing view from the top with the mountains framing the icy blue glacier. It was so exciting to be able to walk along it, and we soon set off with our crampons attached to our feet and ice-picks in hands. We learnt all about the formation of glaciers and why they are strange blue colour.
Whilst walking along the shiny bumps of ice, we had to make sure to stick our crampons in hard so as to make sure not to slip; looking down into eerie crevasses filled with running water. We had fun using the ice picks and tasting the fresh ice.

Overall it was a phenomenal once in a lifetime experience that we were so lucky to have!