Should people keep exotic animals as pets?

Have you ever seen a very cute rodent or a colourful reptile and thought: ‘how cute’ or ‘I really want one’?

I would guess that you have but should people really keep exotic animals as pets? Well, most people have a view on whether exotic animals should or shouldn’t be kept in the home. Dogs and domestic cats have been bred through generations to be house dwellers, however, animals such as macaws and snakes which are not always domesticated in the same way could potentially harm the owner.

Rio is a film about macaws and other exotic birds being captured and sold to unsuspecting people, sadly this is not unlike real life where wild macaws are plucked from their habitat. Animals are deemed to be not as intelligent as humans, however, is it still ethically right to keep non domesticated animals as pets? Most exotic animals sold cheaply are illegally sourced; also lots of wild animals need a licence to keep. Why lock a bird in a cage when it can easily take off your finger?

People argue that exotic animals should not be kept as pets because it’s cruel or unfair on the animals. But the pet also can affect the owner in numerous ways. Bacteria like salmonella, tuberculosis and others can seriously affect the owner. Also if the elderly or a child under 5 gets a serious foreign virus or disease they could die. So next time think before kissing that cute pet snake!

Personally I feel it is not a good idea to keep exotic pets, however, if you are willing and feel you are ready to keep a potentially dangerous animal in your house then it’s up to you – I would stick to dogs though!

By Elizabeth Zachariah, year 7

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