Ordinary people doing Extraordinary things – The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

The Royal National lifeboat Institution saved me and my family once. We were sailing over the azure waters of the English Channel, looking at the beautiful needles, when my dads friend lost grip of the boat wheel. Suddenly we were flung into the rocks. Distressed and panicked we looked around for help, and spotted another boat about half a mile away.
Unfortunately it couldn’t come too close to us incase it too got stuck in the rocks – at this point my family and I had lost all hope. We then realised that we had to call the RNLI. In three minutes they arrived- I couldn’t believe how quick they came! I was amazed by how they risk their own lives for people who are in difficult situations. The RNLI are amazing people, doing amazing deeds and yet they rarely get noticed.

The RNLI rescue at least 23 people every single day, last year they rescued over 22,000 people and came to the aid of over 19,000 incidents. They patrol over 200 beaches and are on duty 24/7. These people are helping us so much and without them, people would not be alive today. I interviewed my dad’s friend James who works for RNLI and he told me that “with our lifeboats, lifeguards, safety advice and flood rescue, we are committed to saving lives”

The RNLI really are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Please help this worthy cause. Every penny you donate can help to save someone’s life. When my family and I needed help, they were just around the corner and came very quickly! Just visit http://rnli.org/Pages/default.aspx and see all sorts of things that people do such as marathons, boat racing, triathlons- all to raise money for these amazing people! As soon as someone calls they are off at once to help out, no time for moaning. They are relying on you as you are relying on them. Donate, go to their website and read survivors stories, take part in charity events, browse through the website.

These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

By Sameera Patel

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