Children in Syria

Young, innocent children forced to leave their homes, fighting to survive in extreme conditions against the government. The United Nations say that “3 million people have fled their homes to become refugees and half of these are children”. Children not even able to live their life as a child in freedom and peace. Children who are orphans and have no parents or anyone to look after them, and who have to suffer on their own.

In July 2012 the International Red Cross said that in Syria a “civil war has begun.” Every few minutes a bomb is dropped onto the city by the government and dozens of children are flung in all directions, injured, weak and some dead.

In 2013 the government launched the most horrific gas attack. A huge number of children lost their lives and were horribly injured. This chemical attack was illegal and did damage which can never ever be undone. This all started when 15 school girls were arrested and tortured and a protest to free them spread to other parts of Syria. All they wanted was democracy and freedom of speech.

Every single day refugees flee Syria into the outskirts of Iraq, Egypt and Turkey. When this all started, I was in Turkey. It was the end of our holiday when refugees had rushed to the borders and set up camp with little food and water. They are still struggling with only scraps to live on. Ordinary and innocent Syrians have had to leave their homes due to Government bombing.

So are you thinking how devastating this all is? The UK have donated over £760 million to Syria, in the hope that these can make water pumps and send over rice and crops. Syria is in great danger and we are watching everything that is happening to them in horror. We need to think ourselves lucky for what we have- our doctors, government and education to help us through our lives.

So please do think about Syria and all of the children forced to live in miserable conditions.

Remember that in the world people are suffering and we need to help them. Visit to contribute.

Thank you.

By Sameera Patel 7R

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