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I love cooking and baking programs because they inspire me to cook myself. So I am going to tell you an introduction about my favourite programs and why they inspire me.

Junior Master Chef

Junior Masterchef is a cooking show aimed with competitors between the ages of about eight to thirteen. The judges in this series are John Torode and Donal Skehan. They have to compete in two challenges to battle their way to the semi-final. The first challenge sees the contestants cooking something that the judges have chosen for them, such as burgers, pizzas and salads. In the second challenge they have to make two of their own signature dishes. This program is really inspiring and helps to encourage young age children to start cooking.
Winner 2013: Alexander Weiss

Junior bake off

Junior Bake Off is a baking show also aimed at competitors aged eight to thirteen, and the judges are Mary Berry and James Martin with the presenter Aron Craze. All contestants have to do a technical bake challenge and a showstopper which they have to create a masterpiece cake based on a topic. Just like Junior Master Chef, the Junior Bake Off inspires many young people to cook and is a very accessible program.
Winner 2013: Harry

The Great British Bake off

The Great British Bake Off is a one of the best known baking show for adults who are inspired to cook and willing to give it a go to battle their way to the final, starting with twelve baker’s and whittling it down to three finalists and just one winner. Competing in three challenges one signature, technical then finally a showstopper. I love the Bake Off because adults of all ages get to show their passion and skills, coming from a variety of backgrounds and jobs, the back off shows that anyone can have a passion for baking and compete to win the glass cake stand trophy.
Winner 2013: Frances Quinn
Winner 2014: Nancy Birtwhistle

I hope these snippets of the program have intrigued you to watch the programs and inspired you to start cooking.

By Georgia Varty 7R

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