My Daily Shame

I am an addict. I cannot go a day without my drug of choice. What is that drug? It’s the Daily Mail. I refresh it every hour, on the hour. It keeps me up to date with Kim Kardashian dropping her phone or perhaps a new conspiracy theory.

When I’m on it I can’t look away, I go into the zone of scrolling and I can’t function like a normal person until I’ve heard all of Nigel’s extremists policy’s and looked at the size 6 celebrities showing off their ‘curves’. My friends don’t believe me when I tell them about articles I’ve read and my current affairs knowledge is not up to scratch. So why do I still read this rubbish?

I use it as a relaxation a break from my homework a way to relax like others might use sports or go shopping. But Instead of being super fit as a result, I’m just well equipped with knowing what foods not to eat to prevent cancer. It appears I’m not the only one with this problem with nearly 2 million people reading this junk a month and an extra 9 million online. How can the Daily Mail have such extraordinary readership when many newspapers are struggling to survive?

I have tried to quit, several times. During my GCSEs, the app was forcibly deleted by my family in an attempt to stop me reading it instead of revision. Another time it was deleted off my phone was when I began studying politics and I was instructed to read BBC news. I found this to be a lot more concise and non bias in comparison, but frankly a bit dull.

There is some good to this atrocity. It measures the views of the British middle class, supposedly 60% of the country. It has previously channeled the force of housewives into several campaigns which were actually benefitting whilst under Paul Dacre. The newspaper published a photo of the alleged murderer of Stephen Lawrence and said if it’s not that person then they invited others to sue them, and was subsequently praised by Stephens parents and Ed Miliband who claimed that the paper played an ‘honourable role’ in bringing the killers to justice .

Now I can admit I am still addicted to the Daily Mail, but I know not take everything to be the truth and I plan to balance all the conspiracy theories and celebrity gossip with a something a little bit more serious in future.

By Phoebe Van Den Bergh

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