Hooke Court 2016

Ladies Delcassian & Goligher cordially invite ye to the Court of Hooke for 3 days of entertainment and frivolity.


The great ‘Who’s Are These Wellies?’ game of 2016 begins…

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Hindleap Warren 2016

The Hobbit

This term, the girls in Year 6 will be studying ‘The Hobbit’ by JRR Tolkien. Click below to download the full text:

The Hobbit

What a fantastic way to begin such a fascinating book study – Hobbit related adventures down in The Shire (Hinchley Wood)…

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Into the Woods Junior AUDITIONS!


Auditions for the Year 6 production of Into the Woods are happening next week during music and drama lessons.

Below are the excerpts for the drama audition:

Baker’s Wife, Baker

Narrator, Little Red Ridinghood, Wolf


Rapunzel’s Prince, Cinderella’s Prince

Below is a copy of the script and music pdf. The musical items for the soloist and group auditions will be the following:

Little Red Ridinghood – No.16. pg.136 I know things now

Jack – No.20 pg.141 There are Giants in the sky

Princes – No.22 pg. 143 Agony

Baker’s wife – No.25 pg.146 It takes two

Into the Woods Jr Perusal Libvb


In the tricky English language, we have lots of words that sound the same, but are spelled differently. These are known as


Task 1: Play this game of ‘Homophones Concentration‘. See if you can remember the matching pairs.

Task 2: Look through these homophones flashcards. Choose a homophone and then write a sentence for each, showing that you understand its meaning.

Extra: Try this homophone sentence game. See how many you know!


At the end, try this funny song too (or two or to?)