Young Enterprise Week (12 -19 June)

Our Enterprise Week was a great success. Well done to all the companies who worked so hard, especially on the Friday Market day.

Look at the different companies and their products below. Remember that all profits go to our charities.

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Butterfly Biscuits – Reception C


Have a flutter for 50p
Buy our beautiful  Butterfly Biscuits to have with your tea!

BBB – Beetles, Bugs and Butterfly biscuits  Rec G


Magical mini beast biscuits – snails, ladybirds, caterpillars and butterflies.

All ready to crunch and munch for only 50p

Crazy Pop – Year 1


Crazy Pop will be selling delicious fresh popcorn on Friday for £1 a bag.

Sweet, Salty or mixed… you decide!

Flower Power – 2N


Welcome to our Flower Power themed enterprise week where flowers come to life!

At Flower Power you can buy one of our awesome hand-decorated ornaments and see the beauty of nature coming to life. We have fantastic stuff to choose from like hand painted pots, watering cans and cress heads to give you an attractive, summery garden. You can plant your own seeds at our stall and look after them until they grow in to beautiful flowers that will brighten your mood. Our flowers will attract wildlife to your garden too, such as bees and butterflies. We will be busy through the week and Friday is the time to come and see what we have done. We have been hand painting the pots just for you and your families so please do come and buy them. There will be excitement for everyone!

It is only £1.50 for a clay pot or watering can or you can purchase a cress head for 20p.

We will also be selling refreshments for just 10p if you’re hot and need a rest from shopping. Isn’t that amazing?!

Bring your house to life with Flower Power and come and plant you own pot! We would love it if you all came to see us.

Jeweltastic – 2D


At Jeweltastic we’re crazy about beads! Choose from colourful beads, butterfly beads, star beads and hama beads. You name it, we’ve got it! We will be designing, making and selling our own bracelets made from beads, as well as selling minecraft designs too! Everything for just  50p or £1.00!

You can also pre-order a bracelet with your very own name on it! Amazing! Simply complete the slip given out to you on Wednesday and return it by Thursday morning along with your £1.00.


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Year 2 Great Fire of Surbiton!


This afternoon Year 2 set up their own Great Fire of London so they could witness first hand how and why the fire spread so quickly through the city.  It was very exciting to watch as the houses close together caught alight so quickly! We’re very glad our houses are built of bricks instead of wood!

Year 2 explore forces in Science



Year 2 have been exploring which forces they can use to make fairy tale characters. They made terrifying Big Bad Wolves and Little Pigs using playdoh, recording the pushes and pulls they used.


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