Year 6 book study of ‘The Railway Children’

This term, Mr Hardie’s group will be looking at the classic novel ‘The Railway Children’ by Edith Nesbit – first published in 1906.

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First edition below…

The Railway Children (book).jpg

The story is about a family who move to “Three Chimneys”, a house near the railway, after the father, who works at the Foreign office, is imprisoned being falsely accused of spying. The children befriend an Old Gentleman who regularly takes the 9:15 train near their home; he is eventually able to help prove their father’s innocence, and the family is reunited. The family take care of a Russian exile, Mr Szczepansky, who came to England looking for his family (later located) and Jim, the grandson of the Old Gentleman, who suffers a broken leg in a tunnel.