Story Slam 2015

A few weeks ago Mr Bird came in from the senior school to tell us about a very exciting event that would be taking place at the Southbank Centre. The Story Slam Live 2015! A chance for young writers to present their skills to the judges. Everybody wrote a story and ten girls throughout the year group got shortlisted to perform their story to Mr Bird. Only four girls were selected for the Surbiton final. It was very daunting performing to the entire school, it felt like far longer than three minutes when you were up there with hundreds of girls and boys clinging to your every word. Katie was chosen to present her story at the competition, but we were able to go along too and support her. It was a wonderful experience, and although I wasn’t on stage I still felt like part of the action.

Zoe  – Year 6

When I was first writing my story, I didn’t have a clue what to write about. My head was still whirling with spelling and times tables I had just been practising. After reading the book Matilda by Roald Dahl, I had always wondered if there were really parents in the world who did not care for their children. This gave me an idea. I could write a story about a lady who did want her child very much but had to give it away.

To be honest, I was quite shocked when my name was called out from the short list. I enjoyed my sessions with Mr Bird. He was very engaging and I felt as if he was reciting every sentence that he said! Reading out to a small group of friends really helped. I was a little nervous for the Surbiton final when all of the year groups poured into the hall, but I was quite confident as I knew what was I doing and had practised a lot. Strangely, I found performing in front of an audience of two hundred easier than one of five! I was very proud to be named runner up and happy for my friend Katie who won.

I was extremely excited when I got to the Southbank Centre in London to watch the final. I cheered hard for everyone and found everything very entertaining, especially the host! But the stories were the best bit. I was treated to these ten incredible, but different, stories, each one unique. I heard about pirates and sweets and clowns and all sorts. StorySlam has been an incredible experience for me!

 Michelle  – Year 6

Read the brilliant pieces from the Surbiton final below:

Ella’s entry

Katie’s entry

Michelle’s entry

Zoe’s entry

House Singing Competition

The houses are going to go up against each other once again on Friday 13th February in the House Singing Competition!

The songs have been picked (all Abba hits!) and each house has started practising. Follow the links below for the lyrics and some great videos to sing along to!

Good luck Arundel, Balmoral and Carnarvon. May the vocal battles commence!

Abba lyrics – click here

Arundel Waterloo

Balmoral – Money, Money, Money

Caernarvon – Dancing Queen




Year 2 Great Fire of Surbiton!


This afternoon Year 2 set up their own Great Fire of London so they could witness first hand how and why the fire spread so quickly through the city.  It was very exciting to watch as the houses close together caught alight so quickly! We’re very glad our houses are built of bricks instead of wood!