Kitty makes the wrong sound

Reception would like to show you some helpful activities to develop essential blending and segmenting skills.

We hope you find our activities helpful and look forward to your feedback about your child’s progress at home.




Use a puppet and explain that he is finding it difficult to say some words. Using real objects that the puppet is having trouble saying.

For example ‘bus’. The puppet tries to say the word but instead says ‘tus’. Ask your child to work out what part of the word the puppet is saying wrong. Is it the beginning, middle or end of the word? Can they correct the puppet?

When your child is confident with this, move on to make the puppet say the end sound of the word wrong.

For example ‘ben’ instead of ‘bell’.

Finally move on the middle sound, which is often the hardest sound for children to hear.

For example, the puppet says ‘bur’ instead of ‘bear’ . It is your child’s job to correct the mistakes they can hear and identify which part of the word sounds wrong.

In order to move on to write these words, your child must be confident with their letter names and sounds. once they can hear the sounds in words, they must know which letter (grapheme) represents the sound (phoneme).


Chocolate fun in Year 3

Year 3 had a delicious start to the new school year and their new topic when we had Dawn from The Melting Pot, come and deliver a chocolate workshop last Friday. All girls had the opportunity to make and decorate their own chocolate lolly pop, with the added excitement of packaging them to! Dawn also gave the girls as brief outline of the history of chocolate as well as the bean to bar story ready for a flying start to our topic. The girls also were allowed to try real co

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coa products and taste couverture chocolates and were told the significance of cocoa content and other interesting chocolate facts!


Year 2 explore forces in Science



Year 2 have been exploring which forces they can use to make fairy tale characters. They made terrifying Big Bad Wolves and Little Pigs using playdoh, recording the pushes and pulls they used.


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Lego Robotics Club

Years 5 and 6 have been busy this term in their co-curricular club creating robots out of Lego. They’ve made interactive pet dogs, Gyro Boys and colour sorters. Thanks to the Parents Association for their generous funding towards this and we hope you enjoy the video!

Year 5 study of ‘The Secret Garden’

In the Spring Term, Mr Hardie’s Year 5 reading group will be looking at the famous children’s novel ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, first published in 1911.

Please see the full text attached: The Secret Garden (pdf text)

Themes of the novel

See below for some of the fantastic work produced by some of the girls in 5O. The took particular episodes from the first part of the novel and tried to imagine the innermost thoughts of the main character of Mary. The key skills we were trying to apply were those of empathy and inference.

Ariana A

Lucie T

Kaylis J

Anja F