Year 4 Animations

During the term, the Year 4’s took part in a very special day-long workshop to create their very own animated films. Here are the fruits of their labours.


Year 6 inspired by ‘Black Beauty’

A group of girls in Year 6 have been reading the 1877 novel ‘Black Beauty’ written by Anna Sewell. This famous novel tells of the life of a beautiful horse and it is uniquely written from the perspective of the animal.

The girls have explored the novel’s key theme of how human beings treat animals and how the behaviour of one human can affect the life and well being of another living creature. In the style of the author, they have written short pieces on their iPads ‘through the eyes of the animal’.

Read and enjoy and do feel free to tell us what you think!

Anna Rose


Ella K

Ella R

Da Eun