Year 3 Hindleap Warren

Year 3 have had an excellent day at Hindleap Warren.  They have enjoyed shelter building, the low ropes and the  mud challenge course. The evening walk through the forest allowed for beautiful views. Everyone is asleep now so enjoy our video of our fun day.


Another sunny day of fun!

Year 5 Adventures in Swanage

On arrival there was great excitement at seeing where they would be sleeping for the week. Before we knew it we were off to Durlston Country Park. Fun was had by all in the sunshine as we learnt much information about the Jurassic Coast and the importance of the park to the Victorians. Rounding off the evening we headed to the pool. The pool staff were most impressed with the commitment of the six staff members joining the girls for an evening of swimming and games.

After a great night’s sleep we were ready for the challenge of the eight mile walk. With a little encouragement on the way the girls made the trek up Ballard Down and admired the striking views in all direction.

Stopping off at Old Harry Rocks, the girls were inspired to write some wonderful poetry. On the way down we stopped for lunch at Henry’s Fort where we learnt about the significance of the area in WWII. The afternoon was spent at Studland Beach where the girls had the opportunity to collect and identify various shells and investigate the sand dunes. Many rucksacks were heavier than when we set off!

Swanage 1Swanage 3

Year 3 grow beans

Year 3 have been busy over the past week following instructions as to how to grow beans.

They have had to think carefully about where to place their jar in order for the bean to grow well.  The girls had already learnt that plants need light to help them grow healthy. If they are healthy plants can make their own food through photosynthesis.



Year 3 have become really excited now as the beans have begun to grow shoots!



Watch this space for more updates on our beans coming soon.