Year 5 return to the 19th century

Year 5 have today learned about the desperately hard realities of life for children in Victorian times. With the help of the brilliant actors from the Rainbow Theatre, every pupil immersed themselves in the role play required to act out a scene depicting different aspects of life – from schoolhouses to work in mines, factories, sewers and chimneys. It is not surprising that some poor Victorian children never lived beyond their 10th birthday!


Have you ever wondered…

Last term, the Junior Girls were given the opportunity to ask questions to the things they have always wanted to know. These posing questions were placed on a magnetic board in our hall and then we waited for the answers….
…And the answers came from a group of our very own 6th formers. Forming a wonderful link between the youngest and oldest girls in Surbiton High School, this partnership has really opened our minds!
Read some of the questions and answers below and feel free to post your own thoughts and further questions about the universe…

Year 2 question – How fast does light travel around the Earth?

Response – Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. To travel 25,000 miles around the Earth, it takes 0.1344 seconds.

Year 5 question – Why is the sky blue?

Response – There are lots of different colours of light so when sunlight reaches the Earth’s atmosphere, all the colours are scattered in different directions. Blue is scattered more than other colours because of smaller waves so can go further, which is why we see a blue sky.

Year 4 question – Why is the grass green?

Response – Grass produces something called chlorophyll. This absorbs colours of light, especially blue and red, but not green light which it reflects. The green light that is reflected is what makes grass look green to us.

Year 5 question – Why is the School colour green?

Response – The chosen school colour symbolises life, growth, renewal and health. Also, it is not used by many other schools so Surbiton High School students can be easily identified, which is good for teachers when we go on trips. Previously, the unifom was mostly grey with some green, which goes back to 1884 when the School was first established.

Year 5 question – How come when you are on the underneath of the Earth, you are not upside-down?

Response – Firstly, you will never knowif you are on the underneath of the word because we don’t know which bit is the top and which is th bottom. the world is always spinning around the Sun so the “underneath” of the world never stays in the same pleace…


Year 4 question – How far does Space go down?

Response – Inside the earth are four layers and we just live on the crust. However, space does continue to go upwards and no one actually knows how far space goes. It’s difficult to answer because nobody can be certain. The universe could be like the surface of the Earth, allowing you to travel forever without finding an edge.