Below are a series of video overviews that cover some of the main areas of focus for Micro Economics Year 2 to compliment lessons in Term 1 and Term 2. PR is more than happy to take requests for other topics and themes on demand!

1 MC=MR overview and introduction to the Perfect Market

2. Abnormal Profit in the Short-run in the Perfect Market

3. Monopoly and Marginal Revenue curve – an intro

4. MC=MR in Monopoly

5. Sales maximisation for a monopoly

6. Efficiency, Monopoly and the Perfect Market

7. Short-run and Long-run profit maxmisation in Monopolistic Competition

8. Price discrimination in markets

9. Price discrimination – consumer surplus and limitations

10a. Theory of Diminishing Returns

10b. Average Costs and the Theory of Diminishing Returns

Negative and positive externalities videos 1-3

These videos are too large to put on this site – use this link to view via onedrive –>!AgK1F03zYjl4znYhkOTZpBK2tV-K