Tips for Top Learners

Now you’re here, how can you help yourself to improve your English skills?


  • Use your iPad or Electronic Bilingual Dictionaries.  We encourage you to use them in all of your lessons and to keep a note of new vocabulary as you come across it
  • Read as much as you can in English and as widely as possible
  • Use our excellent library where Mr Humphreys and Miss Handley will be very happy to help you with tapes and easy versions of books you may be studying
  • Watch TV in English and this will also help you integrate (mix in) more easily with your classmates as you will be able to chat about the latest popular programmes
  • Listen to pop music and download the English lyrics (words)
  • Read newspapers and magazines.  Your local newspapers are free and online and will give you information about your local community
  • Try and socialise (mix) with English people as much as possible
  • If you can, join a club, such as the Guides, to meet new people and make friends
  • Try and have an English speaking evening at home once a week where your whole family speaks only English and if you have younger brothers or sisters you could try and teach them
  • Finally keep a ‘scrapbook’ or diary with pictures and information about your time in the UK