KS4 Drama and Dance

At GCSE,  learning enables students develop as practitioners in their own right, through stimulating them with exciting material and training them with the necessary skills and theory to achieve in their examinations.

GCSE Drama

The GCSE Drama course has 3 assessment strands:

1. Devising Theatre (40%)

  • Devised practical performance
  • Portfolio of supporting evidence
  • Written evaluation of performance

2. Performance from a Text (20%)

  • Performance of two extracts from a play text

3. Interpreting Theatre (40%)

Formal written exam:

  • Assessing knowledge of a set text
  • A live theatre review


GCSE Dance

The GCSE Dance has 2 assessment strands:

1. Component 1 – Choreography and Performance

Performance (30%):

Assessment Task 1 – A solo performance of 2 contemporary dance set phrases from the GCSE Dance Specification.

Assessment Task 2 – A duet / trio performance created using 2 contemporary dance set phrases from the GCSE Dance Specification.

Choreography (30%):

Assessment Task – Choreography of a solo or group dance (any dance style accepted).

2. Dance Appreciation

Written examination (1 hour 30 mins) of 3 sections:

Section A – Questions about the choreographic process and performing skills.

Section B – Critical appreciation of students own work and practice.

Section C – Critical appreciation of Professional Work. For this section students will study the GCSE Dance Anthology of 6 prescribed works in different dance styles both practically and theoretically.