KS3 Drama and Dance

In years 7, 8 and 9 we explore a range of challenging and stimulating schemes of work that develop intellectual curiosity and a love of learning as well as preparing students for further study in Drama, at GCSE, A Level and beyond.

Year 7

  • Introduction to Drama – this unit of work is an exciting introduction to some of the key basic drama skills and techniques students need at SHS.
  • Shakespeare –in these lessons you will explore different Shakespeare texts using a range of explorative performance and staging techniques.
  • Amadora – in this scheme you will create an imaginary world and use creative drama to explore the challenges and celebrations of living in a remote community. 
  • London Eye Mystery – this unit of work uses creative drama skills and performance work to unravel and solve the mystery. 

Year 8

  • Mime, Mask and Melodrama – these lessons challenge you to try these 3 classic techniques and perfect the skills required to make performances effective.
  • Stanislavski and Private Peaceful – in this unit you will explore the strategies and techniques of this well known theatre practitioner and then put them into practice to perform sections from Michael Morpurgo’s book. 
  • KES – continuing with naturalistic drama, this issue based scheme encourages you to step into someone else’s shoes. 

Year 9

  • Explorative Strategies and Technical Theatre – these lessons encourage you to explore new and basic drama techniques as well as learning the technical ropes of putting on a performance. 
  • Year 9 Theatre Project – in this unit you will create your own piece of theatre, including designing the narrative, characters, set, costumes and all the technical elements.