New teacher iPad charged? Check. Apple TV working? Check. Class of pupils ready to learn? Check. Classroom learning strategies incorporating my iPad? Err ….

Whilst I was excited about using my iPad in the classroom I was aware that I had one and the pupils in front of me didn’t. So with some quick research on line I came across a great looking app called Plickers. It is an app that allows the teacher to carry out quick and simple multiple choice questions in class and the pupils can answer by using a QR barcode. Perfect for a multiple choice quiz before a test with my year 9 class. Watch my review of it, above.

Once I had installed Plickers on my iPad I entered the pupils names and questions into the app. Then all I had to do was handout the barcodes when the pupils came into the lesson, that I had printed off from the Plickers website, and set off with the first question. I was amazed to see Plickers work, as I scanned the class, using the camera in the app, up popped the pupils name and it was colour coded according to whether or not they had chosen the correct answer. I think the best past of the lesson was seeing the reaction of the class, ‘how did it do that?’ and ‘that’s so cool’.

Plickers recorded the results from the questions in a helpful bar graph and this really helped me identify those who had and had not revised. These were helpful in supporting homework marks in assessing the ability of different pupils from the class.

It’s a great app that has a lot of potential, especially if the teacher only has an iPad. It’s uses could be developed for other purposes such as feedback at inset events or even on field trips. Well worth giving it a go.

Andy Pinks.