*NEW* Showbie has introduced some useful upgrades. Now you can use it as your mark book, if you wish. See here for more details.

Whilst you may still prefer to use paper exercise books as the main vehicle for setting work, tracking, assessing and giving feedback, there may be occasions when you might want to set tasks that lend themselves particularly well to the iPad, either during a lesson or for homework.

When you decide to set this kind of tasks, then Showbie is the school’s chosen platform to set, track, assess and feed back on tasks set and completed on the iPad.

Showbie is a free app from the App store and you can download it here. However, to access the Showbie Pro features that you will need, you will need to send me an email so that I can add these features for you.

Below are some quick video tutorials about what Showbie is, what it can do and how it works:

An introduction to Showbie

Set up your classes on Showbie

Further Support

Click on the links below to explore more tutorials that explain how Showbie can work in conjunction with other apps that many of us are using already, such as Explain Everything, Notability, iMovies, Pages or Keynote, among many others.