I’ve put together a list (below) of a few useful apps which I’ve been playing with. Please do have a look and have fun!

  • FIG (Fiction Ideas Generator) – was free when I downloaded it but doesn’t appear to be now (hopefully that will change!), but a good way of giving girls a bit of a spark of enthusiasm if they’re a bit stuck with creative writing.
  • iBrainstorm – a very easy to use brainstorming app. You are allegedly able to collaboratively plan but I haven’t work out how to do that yet.
  • Pinterest – if you don’t already use this, it’s a nice way to collate websites on a particular topic in a very visual way. Could be used for research or collecting ideas for a piece of writing.
  • Notability – José mentioned this a while back here. It’s good as you can annotate over your writing with a pen tool. This is a bit clunky on the iPad, so I’ve been using ActivInspire or just copying images from the iPad with the snipping tool onto flipcharts and going from there.
  • The Poetry Foundation app is quite fun.
  • Word Mover is a bit like fridge magnet poetry. You can either download wordbanks or create your own. Might make a fun starter.
  • InspireMe is similar to FIG but just puts up 3 words. Again, would make a good starter activity – either for creative writing or for literature – get the girls to use the words in a sentence about one of the characters from TKAM etc.
  • Free Revision of GCSE texts. These aren’t particularly challenging but could make good starters or revision tools. There’s one for poetry; Mockingbird; and An Inspector Calls.
  • Prezi have a nice, easy-to-use app.

Lucinda Gilchrist

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