Screenshot_060314_014809_PMYour iPad probably already has an app called GarageBand, which allows you to record both voice and instruments and is great for recording and creating music. It is, however, a little too complex to quickly make and manage voice recordings, such as those you might need for a student’s oral examination.

An app like Voice Recorder Pro 7 (free) is much better suited for this task. See a quick tutorial below:

1. Open VRP7

1When you first press record, it will ask you to choose the recording quality. See next step.

2. Select the quality

1.1For oral examinations, Medium quality is sufficiently good and clear. It outputs a smaller size file that can be more easily sent and saved elsewhere.

3.- Make the recording

2Once you have made your recording, you can play it back immediately. More options appear on the bottom half of the screen. See next step.

4.- Work with the audio file

3These options can be rearranged (so the most useful ones appear near the top) by tapping on the icon on the middle left of the screen, which is highlighted above.

In addition to playing back the file, you will probably want to rename it to reflect the student or task and you will want to save a copy on the School network. You achieve this by tapping Open With Other Apps.

5.- Save the files



The file is automatically saved on your iPad. Currently, the best way to save the file on to the School Network is to email the file to yourself and then saving it manually in whichever folder. Other, better ways of achieving this are currently being trialed.

That’s it. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask 🙂