Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard and screen-casting tool that suits the needs of teachers and students alike. The app allows you to animate, annotate and narrate presentations and explanations to your audience. It is widely used to record plenaries and provide audio feedback. It is also the app of choice for students when they are required to provide more than written material. The key to its success can found in its intuitive interface and export options. Below is a short five-minute video highlighting some of the uses this versatile app can be put to, whether it’s in the classroom or beyond:

  • Make your interactive whiteboard truly interactive by walking away from it – Use your iPad’s Airplay feature to mirror your iPad screen onto your interactive whiteboard. Explain Everything has all the tools you would expect from an interactive whiteboard, so you can annotate, explain or demonstrate concepts from anywhere in the classroom and your students can participate from their seats. I have found the ability to write on the interactive whiteboard from the back of my classroom both liberating and a very effective classroom management strategy.
  • Add video on the fly – Explain everything allows you to import photos and video directly from your camera or your iPad’s camera roll into your presentation. Interactive whiteboards have long been able to import and play video, but what makes this feature really powerful with Explain Everything is that you can make the most of your iPad’s inbuilt camera and record video and insert video as your lesson unfolds. I have found this to be a very effective way to track and record pupil progress.
  • Make elements of your lesson available beyond the classroom – You probably agree that technology cannot replace a good teacher, but it can certainly amplify a good teacher’s reach. Use Explain Everything’s in-built recording tool to record explanations of key concepts that you can make available to your students for later access, either for revision or to support them in their homework.
  • Use Explain Everything to provide personalised formative assessment and feedback – Import your students’ work into Explain Everything and use the in-built recording tool to correct, annotate and record a commentary that can be exported as a movie file and sent back to your students. I have found this to be really useful when targeted to particular students who I identified as potential beneficiaries of this kind of detailed feedback and support. I find marking work on Explain Everything whilst recording a commentary does not take any longer than marking with pen and paper.
  • Use Explain Everything as a visualiser – Once again, make the most of the on-board camera. If you are mirroring your iPad’s screen to the interactive whiteboard, then everything the camera sees can be streamed live on to your screen. Use this to demonstrate practical work or to model, showcase, dissect and deconstruct good practice. I often find myself taking photos of student work on my iPad in this way and using Explain Everything to provide timely, concise, formative feedback to the whole class.

Explain Everything is a paid app. Please let me or our IT Support Team know if you would like to have Explain Everything installed on your iPad.