There are many ways in which the iPad can be used – by both the teacher and the students – during Form Time. Checking MIS and their calendar; keeping up with current affairs; or ensuring students are up to date with work on Showbie come to mind as something that students could quickly get used to doing almost automatically while the tutor logs on and the class settles.

In addition to this, we have come up with five other apps, websites and ideas that could easily put to good use during Form Time:

  1. Big_Picture_Debates_the_Brain_on_the_App_Store_on_iTunesBig Debates the Brain (The Brain App) –  This app presents students and learners with a series of stimulating debates on matters relating to the brain. The questions cover a wide range of issues: Is it ethical to use ‘smart drugs’? Should alcohol be illegal? Is technology damaging our brains? Should cannabis be legalised? Are humans superior to other animals? Should violent adolescents be locked away? Is being in love just a chemical reaction? For each question, users can review the evidence, cast their vote and share their views with peers. An accompanying teacher’s area provides suggestions for how the app can be used in the classroom and further references.
  2. Apple__United_Kingdom__-_iTunes_-_PodcastsPodcasts – Hundreds of free podcasts are available on iTunes on practically any topic and can be listened to either individually or via AirPlay by the whole form. TED, The Guardian, children’s books podcasts are some of the ideas to get you started.
  3. Learning_Tools_on_the_App_Store_on_iTunesLearning Tools – This app contains 9 quick and easy assessment tools that teachers can use with students to assess the learning of all students in the classroom: Mini whiteboard with Maths/Science papers; traffic light cards with customisable text; countdown timer; stopwatch; true / false cards; ABCD cards; fraction cards; smiley face cards; and a questioning thermometer.
  4. Charades__Guess_Words_with_Kids_on_the_App_Store_on_iTunesCharades! for Kids –  An app with different challenges from singing, acting or sketching – guess the word on the card that’s on your head from the clues before the timer runs out!
    – Children themed decks so your child can join in the fun!
    – Play with one child, or one hundred at the same time.
    – Draw a new card by tilting your phone up or down
    – Wacky activities from singing, sketching to trivia will challenge even the most well-rounded players
  5. kahootKahoot – quickly create fun but rigorous-as-you-like quizzes about anything that has been discussed during Form Time to reinforce and test knowledge or to gauge views and opinions. Very versatile tool. Quiz results can be exported and saved.