House Singing 2017 – The 90s

Good luck to all our houses in this term’s Singing Competition!

Here are the songs for your to practise…

ARUNDEL – I’ll be there for you

Word video – click

Karoake video – click

I’ll be there for you Lyrics


Word video – click

Karoake video – click


MMMBop Lyrics

CAERNARVON – Keep on Moving

Word video – click

Karoake video – click

Keep on Moving Lyrics

Year 4 – Isle of Wight adventure

The first day was filled with fun. Zip wire and Challenge course. We were ready for dinner!

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Here’s the video too. Click here

Day 2 was great – Aeroball, Climbing Jacob’s Ladder and Kayaking…

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And another video of the day. Click here

After the fun of the disco the night before, we enjoyed testing ourselves on the Cat Walk again on the final morning before heading back…

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And a Catwalk video


Year 4 create Lego animation movies

This half term, Year 4 boys have tried their hand at moviemaking. Using the Lego MovieMaker app, they have learned about techniques of ‘stop animation’ to plan, film and edit their own masterpieces.

Do watch them and write a comment…

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Oliver H
Oliver B
Oliver S

Year 4 String telephones

As part of the Science topic on sound the Year 4 boys made their own telephones using paper cups and string. The boys learnt that the string needed to be taut for them to hear each other. The network of telephones made the sound quieter.

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Running Club

Running club has been a real success in the three years it has been running. with up to 20 boys regularly running our 3km course along the banks of the River Thames. I will shortly be creating some Strava links for those of you who wish to challenge yourselves against our boys, or just see where they run.

The boys strive to set new Personal Bests and even to beat the course record. last years record held by Theo Williams, an impressive 13.06, has already been beaten 3 times this year with Tristan Brown setting a staggering course record of 12.20.

Equally impressively is that almost every single pupils has set a new personal best.

We finished last term with the annual Christmas run and this year it was bigger than ever, we had pupils from year 3 join us and even some reception girls. there was strong cluster of mums enjoying some early morning exercise too. many thanks to the parents who sent in their photos to be used in this blog.

Many thanks to Adam Buckingham, Charlotte Oakley and Matt Oakley who are regular runners and without whom there would be no running club. many thanks to the boys because seeing the effort they put in and the progress that they make really starts Tuesdays on a positive note.

as promised here are the Stava links to our segments

The first 1.5km

The Return 1.5km


Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego

Year 3 and 4 Lego robotics club started last week. The boys have made some interesting motorised Lego models including a drumming monkey, a Ferris wheel, an areoplane and several alligators who have eaten Lego people.

Year 4 Isle Of Wight Trip

A few photos from last weeks trip