House Singing 2017 – The 90s

Good luck to all our houses in this term’s Singing Competition!

Here are the songs for your to practise…

ARUNDEL – I’ll be there for you

Word video – click

Karoake video – click

I’ll be there for you Lyrics


Word video – click

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MMMBop Lyrics

CAERNARVON – Keep on Moving

Word video – click

Karoake video – click

Keep on Moving Lyrics

We are Lego Engineers

This term, the boys in Year 3 have been working collaboratively in pairs to construct a variety of different mechanisms using Lego WeDo. The building can be very tricky using gears, pulleys, levers and belts, but when the models work it’s a great feeling!

We have made crocodiles, planes, monkeys, goalkeepers, Giants and much more. The motors for each model connect to the computer and then a programme is required to operate the mechanism.

Please see our video and photo collection...

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Running Club

Running club has been a real success in the three years it has been running. with up to 20 boys regularly running our 3km course along the banks of the River Thames. I will shortly be creating some Strava links for those of you who wish to challenge yourselves against our boys, or just see where they run.

The boys strive to set new Personal Bests and even to beat the course record. last years record held by Theo Williams, an impressive 13.06, has already been beaten 3 times this year with Tristan Brown setting a staggering course record of 12.20.

Equally impressively is that almost every single pupils has set a new personal best.

We finished last term with the annual Christmas run and this year it was bigger than ever, we had pupils from year 3 join us and even some reception girls. there was strong cluster of mums enjoying some early morning exercise too. many thanks to the parents who sent in their photos to be used in this blog.

Many thanks to Adam Buckingham, Charlotte Oakley and Matt Oakley who are regular runners and without whom there would be no running club. many thanks to the boys because seeing the effort they put in and the progress that they make really starts Tuesdays on a positive note.

as promised here are the Stava links to our segments

The first 1.5km

The Return 1.5km


Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego

Year 3 and 4 Lego robotics club started last week. The boys have made some interesting motorised Lego models including a drumming monkey, a Ferris wheel, an areoplane and several alligators who have eaten Lego people.

Juniper Hall

The Year 3 boys set off on Thursday morning all very excited about their first residential trip away. After a short journey we arrived at Juniper Hall and had a quick tour of the building. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking up Box Hill which was great fun! The boys particularly liked going on the Adventure Path and seeing the rare Roman Snail. At the top of the hill the boys drew a sketch of the landscape which they later painted in. For dinner we had fish and chips which went down very well with the boys. The boys were very tired after an action-packed and exhausting day and fell asleep in no time at all. The next morning after eating breakfast, a tasty fried breakfast, we checked the mammal traps the boys put out the night before and we were very lucky to catch some mice and voles. William and Eddie’s vole gave birth in the trap which was very exciting! The remainder of the day was spent looking for invertebrates in the forest and in ponds which we collected and looked at them under a microscope. We were picked up by the coach and got back to the Prep by end of school on Friday. The boys had a fantastic time and were really well behaved!

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On Wednesday Year 3 and 4 worked together to measure the circumference of trees. They recored their measurements on a tally chart which showed the relationship between the trees circumference and its age. If the circumference measurement was not on the chart the boys had to divide their measurement by 2.5 to find the trees approximate age. Later that day Year 3 used the information they had collected and plotted the trees ages on a graph.


Thank you to all the parents who brought in Wellingtons, plants and seeds. The boys planted them on Friday and they look great.

Novice gymnastics competition

Today the prep had an under 9 and an under 11 team competing in the Novice gymnastics competition at LEH school in Hampton. It was a wonderful morning of gymnastics with all of the boys showing focus and skill throughout all areas of the competition.

For most of these boys this was their first ever gymnastics competition and they performed extremely well under the pressure of the judges and the audience. The under 9 team finished in 5th place overall but took home the smiley prize for being happy and smiley to all judges throughout the day! The under 11 boys showed their experience and came through well to take the silver medal and finish in 2nd place.

It was a fantastic day of gymnastics and a lot of fun was had by all. A big well done to all of the gymnasts and a massive thank you to all of the parents for your support.

Mr Buckingham

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