Look Out!!

Reception had a wonderful day at the Lookout Discovery Centre.

The boys found out about hot air rising by filling up a hot air balloon to 80 degrees Celsius. They saw how the earths atmosphere protects the earth from the sun and keeps the weather inside it. A favourite experiment was capturing shadows on the wall. The shadows started to act a little like Peter Pan’s and were in all sorts of shapes. Beams of light were bent by mirrors, lights were played to make different sounds. Vortexes were made by spinning water while water was made to jump by the right noises being produced. Bubbles caught one another depending on their size and leaf cutter ants carried large pieces of leaf across bridges.

Climbing, sliding, pushing swings, running, jumping, balancing, bouncing and laughing were just some of the physical activity the boys took part in during playtime at the Lookout Discovery Centre. The boys loved playing contractors, dressing up as builders, pushing wheel barrows, moving bricks, driving diggers, building houses and completing roves in time for the boss to inspect their work.


The boys enjoyed measuring in the wood today. They worked with friends to stretch the tape measure around the tree trunks and read the numbers. the boys were excellent at reading large numbers and we encouraged them to say centimetres at the end of their numbers.

We visited the pond to see it had filled up since the autumn and discussed, frogs, newts and pond skaters. we could see the first lily pad like plants growing from the bottom.  IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1933 IMG_7584 IMG_7585 IMG_7587 IMG_7589 IMG_7591 IMG_7592 IMG_7595 IMG_7596 IMG_7598 IMG_7605 IMG_7607


Creepy Crawlies

The boys were very excited when our caterpillars finally arrived today. We have our fingers crossed they don’t hatch during half term.


Thank you to all the parents who brought in Wellingtons, plants and seeds. The boys planted them on Friday and they look great.

The Power of Air

Professor Bubbleworks joined us for our Science Week assembly. The theme was the power of air.



Science Lesson on Sound with Year 5

In their Science lesson on Thursday the Year 5 boys continued to learn about how they hear sound and created their own telephone system.  They used some cardboard cups and string to make the telephone receivers.  The boys measured a length of string and then fed it through a small hole in the bottom of the cup and tied a large knot so that it was secure. They then went out into the playground and tried the string telephones out.  During the investigation they found out that if the string was slack the words were really hard to hear, but if they pulled the string tauter then the message could be heard much better. The boys knew that this was to do with the speed of the vibrations along the string and into their ears. They also tried to create a network of string telephones and observed what happened to the sound when up to 8 telephones were involved.  A few boys tried out some different telephones that used wool and thin, strong thread.  The sound was improved using the thread, this was even better than the string.

Science in the playground

This week’s Science lesson for Year 5 was all about measuring how high different types of balls bounce when dropped from the same height. We used a tennis ball, ping pong ball and football and a metre rule. In small groups the boys fixed the metre rule to the wall and dropped each ball from 25cm, 50cm and 75cm, recording the height of the bounce on a chart.