Holiday Activity Week Bowling, Bouncy Castles and Pizza (Thursday 7th April)

What a great morning we have had. Over 40 children and adults took up their lanes at Charrington Bowl. Competition was high, everyone tried to beat the teachers in their lane, and they all succeeded! Lunchtime as ever saw some enormous and tasty pizza treats, hand baked by the children themselves.

Everyone had an absolute fantastic time.


Holiday Activity Week Skiing (Thursday 7th April)

A fantastic afternoon at Sandown, the rain held off, the sun threatened to shine and everyone fell over, some more than others. Another fantastic afternoon.

Year 2 Explore Castles

Year 2 have had a cross-curricular morning studying Castles and using PicCollage to create diagrams labelling some of the features of castles.


Sports Day

This years sports day was was a great showcase for the sporting prowess, enthusiasm and sheer talent the pupils of the junior schools possess.


Below is a small selection of the photos from the day

Year 4 Isle Of Wight Trip

A few photos from last weeks trip

Spring Holiday Activity Week – Thursday

The final day, and everyone seemed to be more full of beans than usual. The golfers displayed some impressive progress, and it was good to see how focused and calm the girls were whilst the boys competed to hit the most balls with the greatest power! Lee Morris yet again helped everyone to develop their swing and learn a few facts about golf.

We had a fantastic afternoon in the woods, we may have lost of a children, but that is the point of hide and seek. we did find them all again.

The afternoon finished with clay, sweets and a bouncey castle.

Many thanks to everyone who attended this week and looking forward to seeing you all again in the summer. July 13th to 17th.

Spring Holiday Activity Week – Tuesday

Day two and the busiest day of the week, yet again a jolly crowd, who weren’t in anyway put off by the surprisingly chilly weather.

The horses at Chessington Equestrian Centre, were less impressed and spent most of their time in the indoor arena.

On site, muffins and ginger bread were being baked, they were all eaten too quickly for photos. Some amazing Easter decorations were made and a lot of football was being played.

Spring Holiday Activity Week – Wednesday

Another action packed day,  bowling in the morning, skiing in the afternoon. Cooking, sports, arts & crafts and a bouncey castle all day. What a great time we have all had.

Spring Holiday Activity Week – Monday

A great start to the week, lots of smiling faces and the weather just about held off. Two groups went climbing,a younger group ascended the walls at The Xcel Centre in Walton, whilst a smaller but older group took to the challenges of White Spider. Both groups had a lot of fun and there are some incredibly talented climbers amongst the pupils, surely it’s just a matter of time before we have a climbing wall at the school!


Parents, parents, everywhere

Year 3 Boys’ loved showing their Mums and Dads the wonderful hard work they have put in over the year at Parent Sharing last Friday. Here are some pictures for your perusal.