Everything British

Last week the boys had a great day out at the British Wildlife centre. They learnt all about the animals in their gardens and woodlands. Some of the interesting facts the boys learnt were: slow worms are lizards, hedgehogs have 5000 spines, you can tell when an owl comes out at night depending on their eye colour and deer eat their antlers.

Running, Rolling and a Sweet Tooth

The boys have completed another great week. Today we had a wonderful wood walk with lots of questions and more learning. As it was sunny and dry today we didn’t change into our wellingtons. On our walk we found mushrooms, which the boys remembered were poisonous, nettles, which we made sure all our friends knew about and knew to avoid and Holly, this wasn’t near the path so it was okay, we just discussed how prickly it was and looked at the spider webs in it. The boys loved running down the hill and rolling down the grass.

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After lunch the boys played cake shop with Mrs Roberts as the shop keeper. They chose their cakes and handed over their pounds in return.

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Hinchley Wood

On Friday Reception had even more ‘new beginnings’. Waterproofs were donned as we made our way to our first whole school assembly in Mary Bennet House. The boys showed the rest of the school their excellent behaviour as they watched Year 6 boys and one Year 5 receive their responsibilities for the year.

After assembly we walked to the mini bus where the boys boarded, fastened their seatbelts and were instructed to the bus behaviour expectations. Already an extreme amount of learning had happened before 9.15.

I was so proud to hear Mr Hopkins say how wonderfully the boys listened and participated in their games lesson at Hinchley Wood.

As the rain ceased we swapped shoes for Wellington boots, again the boys listened and learned the rules for being in the woods. I managed to open one of the chestnuts so we could see the trees seeds and we tried to work out if the squirrels could eat them or if they’d be protected enough to grow. This week we only made it up to the top clearing to see our neighbours horses, again learning, this time about not going close to other people’s animals without the owners permission. We returned back down the hill to board the bus and head back to school in time for our fish and chips.

By the afternoon the boys were visibly tired but I still received the best comments from Madame Strutt and Mrs Wilson. When the boys came downstairs they showed me their ‘freeze’ poses and how they had been dancing. It was lovely to finish the week tired but smiling.

Cheep Cheep

On Monday the boys visited the chicks. There was a mixed response to holding them from very enthusiastic to not a chance. They enjoyed seeing where they lived and talking about the males and females. Teddy pointed out the chicken lifecycle poster and recognised what happened at each stage.

Look Out!!

Reception had a wonderful day at the Lookout Discovery Centre.

The boys found out about hot air rising by filling up a hot air balloon to 80 degrees Celsius. They saw how the earths atmosphere protects the earth from the sun and keeps the weather inside it. A favourite experiment was capturing shadows on the wall. The shadows started to act a little like Peter Pan’s and were in all sorts of shapes. Beams of light were bent by mirrors, lights were played to make different sounds. Vortexes were made by spinning water while water was made to jump by the right noises being produced. Bubbles caught one another depending on their size and leaf cutter ants carried large pieces of leaf across bridges.

Climbing, sliding, pushing swings, running, jumping, balancing, bouncing and laughing were just some of the physical activity the boys took part in during playtime at the Lookout Discovery Centre. The boys loved playing contractors, dressing up as builders, pushing wheel barrows, moving bricks, driving diggers, building houses and completing roves in time for the boss to inspect their work.

Nature Hunt

Reception managed to miss the rain at Hinchley Wood today and took part in a nature hunt. The boys worked in pairs, one boy in charge of the list of things to collect and one boy in charge of the collecting bag. The boys had to find lots of different things from small stones to feathers to pine cones. They then had to make sure they counted the right amount of each object into their bag.


The boys enjoyed measuring in the wood today. They worked with friends to stretch the tape measure around the tree trunks and read the numbers. the boys were excellent at reading large numbers and we encouraged them to say centimetres at the end of their numbers.

We visited the pond to see it had filled up since the autumn and discussed, frogs, newts and pond skaters. we could see the first lily pad like plants growing from the bottom.  IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1933 IMG_7584 IMG_7585 IMG_7587 IMG_7589 IMG_7591 IMG_7592 IMG_7595 IMG_7596 IMG_7598 IMG_7605 IMG_7607

Make a Difference Week- In bloom with Year 1

Make a Difference Week

Year 1 boys have been learning about plants this term. Miss Lawry and the Year 1 boys wanted to make a difference to our school community and link it to our topic, so we decided to plant some flowers and bulbs.

On Wednesday, we all got involved in brightening up our playground. The boys got themselves into teams and with Miss Lawry’s help, planted lots of beautiful flowers and bulbs in big blue pots.

The boys were a part of every stage, from moving the pots to the right place, filling them up with soil, one of the things a plant needs to survive, of course. The boys each added in some compost- this gives the plans the nutrients they need. Next, we chose some flowers and after Miss Lawry demonstrated how to plant them, the boys each had a go at planting their own one. Water is the next important thing a flower needs, so naturally, we got out the hosepipe and each team watered their freshly planted flowers.

Then the clean-up commenced, all the empty flower containers, soil and compost bags needed clearing and of course brooms were to the ready! There was soil and compost in lots of places…some of it, not in the pots!

Year one had so much fun making a difference to our playground, we hope all the boys enjoy watching our flowers and plants grow as much as we will!

Thank you so much to our mummy’s and daddy’s for giving us all the pots, soil and flowers to plant.

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You have helped make a difference to us and our school friends!

Miss Lawry, Miss Andrews and Year 1 boys

Mud Skating

The boys had lots of fun “mud skating” as William described it at Hinchley Wood on Wednesday. We then all went for a woodland walk and climbed up and over logs to find our way back to the fields again.

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Mud Glorious Mud