The Diary of Mrs Ralph – Thursday 13th March

I just wanted to share my diary entry for Thursday 13th March

From my office I heard the following:

Year 2 –‘Fantastic work boys – great clear voice’ – the boys clearly very focussed and the teacher proud of their efforts

Year 3 – ‘Make yourself presentable boys before you line up for assembly, we don’t want Mrs Ralph to see any shirts hanging out!’ – the teacher clearly on board with the high standards we set at the Prep

Year 2 – ‘Fantastic reading, I can’t believe how much you have improved Leon, excellent!’ – The teacher full of praise and encouragement on a one-to-one basis

On my way back from the dress rehearsal of the Fashion Show I was greeted by songs from our production – really looking forward to the show

My final entry of the day goes to the boys who performed at the Fashion Show and the staff that put the routine together– they were all fantastic and I have heard nothing but positive comments about their opening of the show.

At the beginning of every SLT meeting Ann asks us to give an example of outstanding teaching and learning – so many to choose from!

Just a typical day at the Prep !

Well done everyone and enjoy your weekend