Magical times..

This week we have been reading ‘Room on the Broom’ and some magical things have been happening in our classroom.

A magical mixture was left in Reception with the label ‘Reception’s special mixture’ so we poured it into our caldron and it started to foam, we thought it smelt a little funny. In English we wrote potion recipes using the sounds we know, we also designed and described a mode of transport for the witch. We had lots of questions to ask the witch so we wrote them down and put them in the caldron and over night the witch answered them.  On Wednesday at Hinchley Woods, the boys collected sticks and we used string to tie them together to create broomsticks.

In Mathematics, we have been focusing on number formation and matching quantity to number. We have been exploring numicon, we used conkers to count how many holes there are in each piece.

In Phonics, we learnt d, g and o, we made dinosaurs for ‘d’ and painted a ‘g’ using green grapes. We learnt how to blend got, dad, dot and and by pushing the sound buttons.


Confident Superworms this week!

What a wonderful confident building week!

Firstly I want to say a big thank for the wonderful family trees we received, the boys absolutely loved standing up telling everyone about their lovely families. They then got the chance to take questions from their audience to build their confidence and voice.

We continued with our Julia Donaldson theme this week. We have been reading ‘Superworm’, a story about a super long worm that saves the day. In English we focused on repeated refrains and we verbally identified words that rhyme. The boys excitedly designed and described their own super worms. We had a huge variety of super worms including fire breathing ones, lightning powered ones, flying worms, dragon worms..the list could go on. We went on a bug hunt on Wednesday at Hinchley Woods, the boys worked in twos and used magnifying glasses to find mini beasts. They were very successful, they found slugs, spiders, centipedes, beetles and woodlice.

In Mathematics, we have been focusing on measuring and matching quantity to numerals. The boys measured and compared worms using glass nuggets, we had great language with this activity including metres, centimetres and feet. Everyday in Maths lessons we displayed a number on the board, the boys were then set the challenge to find the correct amount of objects using anything in the classroom.

In Phonics, we learnt I, n and m. We built igloos for ‘I’ and had a sneaky marshmallow when we learnt ‘m’. We had our first tummy writing session on the carpet to practise writing ‘m’. We learnt how to blend pin, in and mat by pushing the sound buttons.

Finally, all week we have been celebrating European Week of Languages. Everyday we completed our register in a different language, we learnt how to say hello in French, Arabic, Spanish and Irish.  The boys looked great dressed in their chosen international dress/flag colours. Each boy had a chance to stand up in front of the class to discuss the country he was representing and to tell us any facts.

Our First Week in Reception!

WOW! What a great first week we have had in Reception.

Reception have been settling into school over the past week and have begun to familiarise themselves with the school routines. They have been introduced to their timetable and this week have begun lessons, including Phonics, Choir, Music, French and PE. The teachers in Reception have been amazed at how grown up and sensible all of the children have been. The children have had lots of fun meeting new friends, exploring their classroom and having lunch in the hall.

The boys have been introduced to our first story ‘The Gruffalo’ and we explored the characters in the story. They worked together in groups to decorate big versions of the gruffalo character. We also learnt our first sound ‘s’ in phonics and found out some words beginning with s. The Outdoor Area has been very popular with the boys. They have enjoyed using the wooden blocks to make a pirate ship whilst singing ‘We’re working together’, already demonstrating their great collaborative skills.

We had our first visit to Hinchley Wood on Wednesday. We learnt the rules of the bus before leaving and upon arriving we explored the woods. We opened a horse chestnut and found some pine cones.

What a busy week!

Miss O Gara, Miss Winter, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Campbell are all very proud of how well everyone has settled in and we look forward to another exciting week next week.

Everything British

Last week the boys had a great day out at the British Wildlife centre. They learnt all about the animals in their gardens and woodlands. Some of the interesting facts the boys learnt were: slow worms are lizards, hedgehogs have 5000 spines, you can tell when an owl comes out at night depending on their eye colour and deer eat their antlers.

Running, Rolling and a Sweet Tooth

The boys have completed another great week. Today we had a wonderful wood walk with lots of questions and more learning. As it was sunny and dry today we didn’t change into our wellingtons. On our walk we found mushrooms, which the boys remembered were poisonous, nettles, which we made sure all our friends knew about and knew to avoid and Holly, this wasn’t near the path so it was okay, we just discussed how prickly it was and looked at the spider webs in it. The boys loved running down the hill and rolling down the grass.

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After lunch the boys played cake shop with Mrs Roberts as the shop keeper. They chose their cakes and handed over their pounds in return.

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Hinchley Wood

On Friday Reception had even more ‘new beginnings’. Waterproofs were donned as we made our way to our first whole school assembly in Mary Bennet House. The boys showed the rest of the school their excellent behaviour as they watched Year 6 boys and one Year 5 receive their responsibilities for the year.

After assembly we walked to the mini bus where the boys boarded, fastened their seatbelts and were instructed to the bus behaviour expectations. Already an extreme amount of learning had happened before 9.15.

I was so proud to hear Mr Hopkins say how wonderfully the boys listened and participated in their games lesson at Hinchley Wood.

As the rain ceased we swapped shoes for Wellington boots, again the boys listened and learned the rules for being in the woods. I managed to open one of the chestnuts so we could see the trees seeds and we tried to work out if the squirrels could eat them or if they’d be protected enough to grow. This week we only made it up to the top clearing to see our neighbours horses, again learning, this time about not going close to other people’s animals without the owners permission. We returned back down the hill to board the bus and head back to school in time for our fish and chips.

By the afternoon the boys were visibly tired but I still received the best comments from Madame Strutt and Mrs Wilson. When the boys came downstairs they showed me their ‘freeze’ poses and how they had been dancing. It was lovely to finish the week tired but smiling.

New Beginnings

Reception have been settling into school over the past week and have begun to familiarise themselves with the school routines. They have been introduced to their timetable and this week have begun lessons, including Phonics, Maths, Choir, Music, French and PE.

We have been reading lots of stories from the Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs series and the boys have talked lots about the stories. They have made their own buckets and are going to fill them with their favourite things. In Maths, we have practised lots of counting and have ordered numbers from 1 to 5.

The boys have been able to spend time with their buddies, which has been enjoyed by everyone. The Year 6 boys read stories to their buddies, helped them build a spaceship and joined in with hand printing. The buddies have also spent time with the Reception boys at playtime.

Being in the Outside Learning Area is one of the boys favourite things. They have enjoyed building planes and rockets using the wooden blocks. Water play has been thoroughly enjoyed by all and the boys are getting used to keeping the water in the trays and gutters!

On Wednesday afternoon, there was a Playdough Pizza Parlour in the Reception classrooms and boys were making and naming their own dinosaurs.

It has been a busy week and the boys have lots more adventures to come!

Summer Activity Week Day 3

Hobbledown is always a fantastic day out and when you have 65 excited children it is the best day ever. But add in ice lollies, sunshine and meerkats and what could be better.