Autumn fun!

The boys have completed another great week and are well settled in now!

In Phonics we learnt three new sounds including a, t and p. The boys were very proud when they learnt how to read their first word ‘sat’. In Mathematics the boys have been ordering numbers 1-10 and recognising numbers out of order. In English the boys have been retelling the story ‘The Gruffalo’ in front of the class developing their confidence and voice. We also completed our first story maps in groups and individually.

On Wednesday we enjoyed an Autumn walk and hunt at Hinchley Wood. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful area for the children to explore. On our walk we kept our eyes peeled for signs of Autumn. They boys worked together with their partner to tick of the items on their checklists. The boys collected lots of autumn leaves, acorns and horse chestnuts. All of the items the boys collected have been left out in class for them to explore and expand their learning.

On Friday afternoon the boys enjoyed spending time with their buddies in the sunshine. They took turns on the bikes, played hide and seek and built towers. A lovely way to end our busy but fun week!

Well done to Jean-Baptiste and Remy on receiving the certificates in Assembly this week. Both boys answered questions about our school and classroom at the Open Event on Wednesday.




Our First Week in Reception!

WOW! What a great first week we have had in Reception.

Reception have been settling into school over the past week and have begun to familiarise themselves with the school routines. They have been introduced to their timetable and this week have begun lessons, including Phonics, Choir, Music, French and PE. The teachers in Reception have been amazed at how grown up and sensible all of the children have been. The children have had lots of fun meeting new friends, exploring their classroom and having lunch in the hall.

The boys have been introduced to our first story ‘The Gruffalo’ and we explored the characters in the story. They worked together in groups to decorate big versions of the gruffalo character. We also learnt our first sound ‘s’ in phonics and found out some words beginning with s. The Outdoor Area has been very popular with the boys. They have enjoyed using the wooden blocks to make a pirate ship whilst singing ‘We’re working together’, already demonstrating their great collaborative skills.

We had our first visit to Hinchley Wood on Wednesday. We learnt the rules of the bus before leaving and upon arriving we explored the woods. We opened a horse chestnut and found some pine cones.

What a busy week!

Miss O Gara, Miss Winter, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Campbell are all very proud of how well everyone has settled in and we look forward to another exciting week next week.

New Beginnings

Reception have been settling into school over the past week and have begun to familiarise themselves with the school routines. They have been introduced to their timetable and this week have begun lessons, including Phonics, Maths, Choir, Music, French and PE.

We have been reading lots of stories from the Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs series and the boys have talked lots about the stories. They have made their own buckets and are going to fill them with their favourite things. In Maths, we have practised lots of counting and have ordered numbers from 1 to 5.

The boys have been able to spend time with their buddies, which has been enjoyed by everyone. The Year 6 boys read stories to their buddies, helped them build a spaceship and joined in with hand printing. The buddies have also spent time with the Reception boys at playtime.

Being in the Outside Learning Area is one of the boys favourite things. They have enjoyed building planes and rockets using the wooden blocks. Water play has been thoroughly enjoyed by all and the boys are getting used to keeping the water in the trays and gutters!

On Wednesday afternoon, there was a Playdough Pizza Parlour in the Reception classrooms and boys were making and naming their own dinosaurs.

It has been a busy week and the boys have lots more adventures to come!

Reception Parent Sharing

On Friday 15th April Reception had their first Parent Sharing. All the boys were very excited to welcome their parents into the classrooms and show them all the work they have done since September. There was lots to talk about and all the boys loved being able to tell their parents all about the things they have learnt this year.

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Nature Hunt

Reception managed to miss the rain at Hinchley Wood today and took part in a nature hunt. The boys worked in pairs, one boy in charge of the list of things to collect and one boy in charge of the collecting bag. The boys had to find lots of different things from small stones to feathers to pine cones. They then had to make sure they counted the right amount of each object into their bag.

Mother’s Day Tea

We have had a lovely afternoon in Reception celebrating how special our Mummies are. The boys collected their Mummies from the front of school and sat them down in the classroom, offering them scones, sandwiches and a cup of tea before singing two songs to them all. After this, each boy stood up to show the portrait of their Mummy and read why they loved them. We have lots of special Mummies in Reception!

It was then time to spend some special time with our Mummies to show them our portraits and to read through our Handprint Poems. The boys enjoyed scones and sandwiches too and got to show their Mummies all the wonderful things they have been learning about in the classroom.

To finish we watched a video with lots of pictures of the boys time at school, which brought a tear to an eye or two.

It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating just how wonderful our Mummies are. Thank you to all the Mummies for coming!


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Mud Skating

The boys had lots of fun “mud skating” as William described it at Hinchley Wood on Wednesday. We then all went for a woodland walk and climbed up and over logs to find our way back to the fields again.

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Creative Stories

We have been busy creating and writing our own stories in Reception. The boys were able to use a variety of different resources to tell their stories – from whiteboards to paper to writing on the windows to post it notes. The ideas that flowed around the classroom were incredible. We had ghosts, knights, giants, policemen, Father Christmas and many other characters featuring and each boy told a wonderful story.



Chinese New Year

Reception were lucky to have a visitor to school on Friday morning. Mrs So came in to talk to the boys about Chinese New Year. They learnt about all the different traditions that take place at Chinese New Year, such as buying new clothes, eating different foods, dragon dancing and that all children receive a lucky red envelope called a Lai See.

The boys were able to try on some traditional Chinese clothes and Mrs So talked about the Chinese Zodiac. At the end Reception J raced Reception W in a chopstick challenge to move sweets from one bowl to another. Reception J came out the winners after a very close race!

Thank you very much to Mrs So for teaching all the boys about the Chinese culture and traditions associated with Chinese New Year.

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Marvelous Maths

In Reception W we have been busy practicing different Maths skills this week.

We read the poem Tom’s Pocket and had to make our own pockets.

In Kailan’s pocket there is

1 domino

2 pigs

3 pieces of lego

4 cars

5 lollipop sticks

We have also been talking about finding numbers that are one more and one less than the number we have. Using our Maths language we have been saying “one less than 5 is 4” or “one more than 6 is 7”.