BBC School Report 2017

BBC School Report 2017

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Hi from the Surbiton High BBC School Report Team –

The action is hotting up as the girls are out and about getting their reports together ready for BBC LIVE NEWS DAY on Thursday 16th March 2017.

The girls have been learning the skills and working hard every Friday AFTER SCHOOL  in our co-curricular BBC School Report club,

This year 4 great groups will be reporting.

Group 1 : Millie, Ruby & Paris from year 10 will be reporting on the representation of diabetes in the media


Group 2 : Hema, Elektra & Charlotte will be reporting on teenage cyber-spies


Group 3 : Preesha, Tiana & Mersede will report on people who follow their passions as careers


Group 4 : Grace, Olivia, Tallulah  & Jasmine will report on the size demands of the fashion industry


These prepared reports will be posted in advance of News Day.

On Thursday 16th March, LIVE News Day, we will be reporting live in the School and in our area, asking the people’s opinions to these hard-hitting stories.


Live reporting against real deadlines. Watch this space!


So please save this page as a favourite and return to it later. In the meantime, take a look at what our students have produced in previous years. 

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